Welcome to Charlotte's Poultry

 Some of the lovely coloured eggs our Hybrid hens lay!

We recommend calling to check pure breed availability before visiting as we breed them all ourselves and they tend to sell very quickly!

Opening times for week beginning 18/8/2014:

Monday: closed

Tuesday: by appointment only

Wednesday: 1:00-5:00

Thursday: 1:00-5:00

Friday: 1:00-5:30

Saturday: 12:00-5:30

Sunday: 2:00-4:00 (change to normal times)

(To make an appointment please call 07585 921 541 OR 01454 238 918, at least an hour in advance of when you would like to arrive, We can also do evening appointments if booked before 2pm that day).

Please note: Every other Sunday we attend a poultry sale during spring- autumn.

New from June 2014:

Lavender pekins




Silver pencilled Wyandotte bantams.


Find us on facebook! Search for Charlotte's Poultry or follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Charlottes-Poultry/407695539300343?ref=hl


We are a small business near Bristol, who pride ourselves on having, healthy, happy hens!  We strive to make sure all our breeds are of a good breed standard, so you know you'll be getting good quality stock.

Need help? We've been keeping and breeding poultry for over 18 years, email or call us for free advice at any time!

Can't find what you're looking for? Whilst we have quite a collection, we may not have the birds you are after, email or call for any other breed and we will do our best to connect you to someone who has what you are searching for.


Breeds we're hoping to add to our collection within the next 12 months:



Wyandottes: Buff, lavender, barred, partridge.

Sussex- light

Brahmas- Isabella

Sabelpoots - Lemon, porcelain

 Large fowl:

Copper blue/black/ splash marans


If you have any requests for breeds/ colours you would like to see on our list of breeds then please email us at: info@charlottespoultry.com




, Nr Bristol, Gloucestershire | 01454 238 918