Welcome to Charlotte's Poultry!

We are small hobby breeders near Bristol. We started keeping chickens around 20 years ago with the arrival of 10 brown leghorns, around 4 years and a few new birds later we lost all our leghorns to a fox attack.


It was then that we decided it was time for a change and a pair of partridge wyandottes joined our surviving pekin bantams, from there our collection has just grown and grown!


To date we've kept and bred around 30 different breeds and varieties. Around 10 years ago our collection expanded to include ducks and quail and at one point pigeons!


Currently we have both Bantam and Large fowl chickens, bantams, Geese, ducks, quail  and some other members of the family have a collection of exotic finches!

Please phone to enquire about availability of birds/ birds for sale, or for free advice or help at any time.

Tel. 07585921541

Email: info@charlottespoultry.com