The Badminton House

Product: Bantam House

Fits: 4-6 Bantams Or 2-3 standard sized hens

Dimensions: 75cm (W) X 75cm (L) X 75 cm (H)


  • Lift off roof for easy cleaning.
  • Sideways opening door with bolt
  • Small legs to help prevent rot by keep the house clear of the ground.


Unpainted: £165 + run £240 (Run usually £85)

Creocoted inside and out: £185 + Run £270

Painted (1 colour): £205 + run £290

Painted (2 colours): £215+ Run £300

Colours available: Any Cuprinol shades colour please note: there is an extra charge for colours which have to be specially mixed.

Optional extras:

Internal nest box- £10 each

External nest box (to fit the bantam house)- £60

Wheels (bantam house)- £50

Decorative roof edging for the eaves of the house- £15

Perch: £5

Bantam house Run £85 Unpainted, £95 Painted.

The Horton House  

Product: Rustic Bantam House

Fits: 4 - 6 Bantams  

Dimensions: 75cm (W) X 75cm (L) X 75cm (H)

Features: Rear door with bolts for easy cleaning. Drop down door. Coroline roof with weld mesh underneath. Handles on both side. Light weight and easy to move.  

Prices: £140 + run £95 

Colours: Creocoted 

Optional extras:

Internal nest boxes £10 each
Stand for house: £25 (Altered run require, contact us for cost).