Black east Indian ducks are stunning, ornamental bantam ducks. They lay black -yes black! - eggs and whilst they are quiet talkative they are not as loud as call ducks. They have a beautiful beetle green sheen and often appear entirely green in colour.

We originally wanted to purchase some silver appleyards as our first ducks but by accident we came across our first black east Indies around 2006 and they quickly became firm favourites.

Black East Indian


Breed: Black East Indian


Colour: Black with a beetle green or blueish sheen. A purple sheen is considered an exhibition fault.


Eggs: 50-100

Egg colour: Black fading to grey/white as more eggs are laid. Not all ducks will lay black to start with. 

Egg Size: Medium


Temperament: Very busy chatty ducks. They don't get as tame as some breeds but will often take food from your hand. They love water and are very amusing to watch! The Drakes (Like most ducks) are placid, drakes don't fight like cockerels and are quieter than the females so often make great pets. They can fly so wing clipping is advised until they have settled.


Price: Breeding quality female- £35

Pet quality female (may have some white, limited numbers) - £25. 

Breeding quality drake: £20

Pet quality drake £15

Now taking orders for 2018
, Please book before 31/1/2018 You can put your name down for any spares that might hatch after this date, but we cannot guarantee there will be any spare.  

PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell females on their own as these ducks hatch a very high percentage of drakes.