Brahmas (Large fowl)


Breed: Brahma


Colour: Silver Birchen

Egg colour: cream- very light brown

Egg size: medium

Egg numbers: approx 180 in the first year.


Temperament: Despite their enormous size, the Brahma is well known for having a quiet and docile temperament. These lovely birds are a joy to own and are certainly impressive to look at.

We now have black hens to go with our dark brahma cockerel, this will produce black hens with silvery collars (silver birchen)! 


P.O.L female: £40

Male 4 months +: £25

10 P.O.L black pullets available  

4 partridge X type pullets available.


(P.O.L = Point of lay- the average P.O.L age is 4-6 months old- breed dependant).