Christmas notices, special offers and birds available:  

 Dare we say it?! 

Christmas is coming and in an attempt to be organised we're taking bookings from now for birds/ equipment etc... to be collected before or just after Christmas:

We have a **Very** limited number of pure breeds available to reserve, (listed below). These will be between 9-24 weeks old around Christmas time. We expect these to be booked up very quickly, so early booking is a must to avoid disappointment. At 8-15 weeks they will be outside and off heat but will not be old enough to be added to older birds, so please make sure you have suitable separate housing if you're intending to add younger birds to an existing flock. We also have indian runner ducklings available, these will be ready to go in time for Christmas. 

Orders for Hen houses must be made before 1st of December to be ready in time for Christmas. All our hen houses are made to order to suit your requirements. The same order time applies for complete starter kits.

Gift vouchers- These can be posted out or collected.

Appointments can be made for collections up to Christmas Eve, appointments for after the 15th of December will need to be booked at least 7 days in advance. Visitors coming within our opening times do not need an appointment. Opening times for each week are posted on our website each Sunday evening.

Gift Vouchers 

**NEW** In time for Christmas, the perfect gift for the chicken mad. Gift Cards from Charlotte's Poultry. Redeemable for all our birds, feed, equipment, gifts and housing!  Gift cards can be collected from us, or posted if required. 

Pure breed hens

MORE ADDED 14/12/2015!!
The following pure breeds are currently available, they are ready to go off heat from 8 weeks of age, however if you are adding to an existing flock then they need to be a minimum of 17 weeks of age. If you would like to collect around Christmas (20th-24th, 26th-31st) then please book an appointment before the 15th of December.  To reserve any of the birds listed below you will need to place a £5 deposit per bird, this is taken off the final price on collection. 


Pullet- young hen under 1 year old

Pair- 1 cockerel, 1 hen

Trio- 1 cockerel, 2 hens. 

 Large fowl: 

2 X Black Jersey Giant pullets P.O.L 1 LEFT

1 X Trio Black Jersey Giant P.O.L

1 X barred Wyandotte pullet 16-18 weeks
1 X Rhode Island Red P.O.L SOLD

1 X Dark Brahma P.O.L SOLD
1 X Silver laced Wyandotte pullet 16-18 weeks
Quality Light Sussex cockerels, 1 X breeding age, 2 X 16-18 weeks.


1 X Silver Laced Wyandotte pullet 10-12 weeks SOLD

1 X Silver pencilled Wyandotte pullet 10-12 weeks SOLD

1 X Blue pekin pullet 10-12 weeks SOLD

All breeds and sizes can be mixed together providing they are of a similar age, all of the above will be ready in time for Christmas. 

P.O.L Hybrid pullets 

**** SPECIAL OFFER *****  (offer extended to the 15th December)

These are the last hybrids that will be available till spring 2016. These ladies are P.O.L/ just started laying so should lay through the winter.

Gold lines - Usually £12 each, NOW £10.
Bluebelles, Rhode rocks and Silver Sussex stars - Usually £16.50 each, NOW £14.50. 

Copper stars - Usually £22 each, NOW £19.


Indian runner ducklings for sale. These will be ready to go outside in time for Christmas.  They look to be mostly chocolate and white and fawn, but colours will become more obvious as they feather up. 
Currently unsexed and on heat (brooder kits available), but will be sexed in the next 3-4 weeks. SOLD, MORE DUE TO HATCH EARLY DECEMBER.


Poultry Courses 

**** SPECIAL OFFER ****  

Advanced starting with chickens course Jan 17th 2016 only £20 (usually £25) if booked before 24th Dec 2015!