Crested cream legbars are a beautiful breed. They mature faster then larger, fluffier birds and are easily sexed at day old due to "auto- sexing" Colouring. Due to genetics the cock birds come out a light colour with a yellow spot on the top of their heads, and the pullets darker with no spot.

Legbars are also different in that they lay BLUE eggs!! They are the foundation for several of the blue egg laying hybrids that exist today.

 Cream Legbar


Breed: Legbar


Colour: Cream


Eggs: 200-240

Egg colour: Blue/ Green

Egg Size: Medium


Temperament: Legbars can become friendly however they do require more handling and time to achieve this. They are naturally more flighty than some of the heavier breeds. They are excellent layers of pretty blue/ green eggs. 

Did you know? :Many Cream Legbars seen today are not actually Cream Legbars, a true Cream Legbar should have a cream coloured neck and be as free from gold colouring as possibly. The Legbar has recently left the protection of the rare breeds society and is now protected by the auto sexing breeds association. 

Pictures: Top left: Cockerel,  bottom left: pullet.


Price:  £32 at P.O.L

Cockerel: £20