Day old chicks

Day old chicks:

All chicks are sold Unsexed unless otherwise stated.


All Pekins: £6.00 each.

Wyandottes (all colours): £6.00 each.

Polish/ Polands (bantam): £6.00 each.

Groninger Meeuwen: £6.00 each.

Appenzeller Spitzhauben £6.00 each. 

Araucana £6.00 each. 

Large fowl:

Wyandotte (all colours): £6.50 each.

Rhode Island red: £6.50 each.

Sexed Cream Legbar pullet chicks: £7 each, males £2.

Vorwerk: £6.50 each.

Brahma: £6.50 each.

French copper Marans: £6.50 each. 



All Hybrid chicks £5 each. Please note: limited breeds available. 


Black east Indians: £7.50 each unsexed.

Indian runner: 6.50 Each. unsexed 

Cherry Valley and Khaki Campbell: £6 each. Guaranteed female, please call in advance for availability. IN STOCK SOON! 

Quail :

Day old: £1.50 each (Unsexed)

P.O.L: £6.50 each Females and £3 each males.

Transporting day old chicks/ducklings-

Please bring a small box with an empty hot water bottle and some bedding/ old towel. We will fill the hot water bottle for you here. A chick carry box is also acceptable.