Feed and Bedding


NEW!: Pay and collect service, purchase your feed or bedding using the paypal options below and collect from us!


We stock the following fancy feed range of food in both 20kg and 5kg bags:

  • Layers pellets
  • Mixed corn
  • Chick crumb

Prices range from £9-£13.50 for 20kg bags and

£4.50- £6.50 for 5kg bags.

Mixed corn 20kg

£ 9.83 


Layers pellets 20kg

£ 10.86 


Chick crumb 20kg

£ 12.93 




We stock the following bedding:

Tropi-bed coconut fibre bedding- very popular with our customers for it's absorbency. Trio-bed is easy to clean out of the hen house and makes the best compost after use, rotting down very quickly. It is also popular with those who like to "poo pick" their hen houses as the bedding will stick round a dropping, drying it out and making it easy to pick off the top of the litter. Keeps your hen house smelling clean and fresh.

£10 per bale (each bale lasts ages!) Out of stock

Easi- chick: This ever popular wood fibre bedding is specially treated to help kill off poultry bacteria to keep your hen house clean. Easi-chick can also be used in the runs in muddy weather and comes in two handy sizes 10kg bales or 20kg bales.

20kg bales: £10.86

10kg bales: £7.23

Straw: We have small bales of good quality straw, perfect for the colder winter nights or as a comfortable nesting material. This bedding doesn't absorb as much as some more modern products but is good value for money and makes lovely compost.

Small Bale: £3.50

Bag: £1.50

Out of stock

Bales of wood shavings available from our shop £10