Muscovy ducks are the Marmite of the waterfowl world - you either love or hate them! Their odd appearance means they are an unusual looking bird with their bright red head gear. Muscovy ducks are technically a separate species and will rarely breed with other breeds of duck, if this does occur the offspring will be infertile.

Muscovy's are excellent layers, laying large white eggs, they are perfect for those with close neighbours as they are almost completely silent, making small squeaks and rasping sounds. They come in an array of stunning colours.

We have a troop of lavender, Lavender and white, black and white and one chocolate and white duck.

 Muscovy Ducks


Breed: Muscovy


Colour: Various. We have lavender and white and black and white.  


Eggs: Approx 180 (if eggs are removed, eggs left in the nest box will encourage the ducks to sit).  

Egg colour: White/ Cream

Egg Size: Large- XL


Temperament: Very quiet and inquisitive, they often get very friendly and will take food from your hands. They do have VERY sharp claws though and like most ducks are not as happy about being held and cuddled as chickens are. The drakes can be aggressive during the mating season although the majority are quiet. They will usually stop being grumpy once the season is over. Muscovys can fly very well so wing clipping until they are settled is advised.  


Price: £25 at P.O.L

Males: £18.00