We currently keep Large fowl Salmon Faverolles. These birds come under the soft feather heavy classification and were originally dual purpose birds from France. However nowadays they are often seen in the show pen in large numbers and whilst they do provide excellent quality meat, these friendly birds also lay very well producing large, delicious eggs. Often becoming very tame Faverolles make excellent pets and are a pleasure to keep.

These birds are unusual in that they have five toes, (most chickens only have four), they also have partially feathered legs and feet and large beards.  

Faverolles come in several colours including: Salmon, black, blue, white, blue salmon, buff, cuckoo, mahogany and ermine. (Not all of these colours are recognised as standard colours by the british faverolles society).

Click on the thumbnails below to see pictures of my Faverolles.

 Salmon Faverolles

 Breed: Faverolles


Colour: Salmon


Eggs: Approx 180

Egg colour: Cream/ tinted

Egg Size: Medium- large


Temperament: Very docile birds, they are often very tame and quiet with great characters. The males are occasionally aggressive, however the majority are super friendly and chatty. Being quite heavy Faverolles are not known for their escaping abilities, due to their size they do like a good amount of space but will not fly over low fences.  


Price: From £35 at P.O.L 

Cockerels:  £25 

Please note: There is a waiting list for this breed.