Serama Bantams

 Serama Bantams are the smallest breed of bantam in the world. Originally from Malaysia, where they out number dogs and cats as house pets, these delightful little birds were imported into the U.K in 2004 and were initially very expensive, with the smallest birds fetching the biggest prices. However they have since become more widespread and more affordable! Serama need to be protected from predators such as birds of prey so are not really suited to free ranging. We recommend a poultry ark or house and run to keep your Serama in. Serama make excellent pets, whilst they are not well known for being great layers (and the eggs are tiny!), they are famous for their temperament, making brilliant pets. We used to have a Serama cockerel who would sit on my Mum's shoulder while she did the ironing!

Serama Bantams

Breed: Serama


Colour: Any, there are no standard colours and very rarely breed true to colour. We have a black cockerel, a millefleur cockerel, wheaten hens, chocolate mottled frizzle hens, millefleur hens and millefleur frizzle hens. 

Egg colour: cream/ tinted

Egg size: very small-small

Egg numbers: approx 100-120 in the first year.


Temperament: Will get extremely tame! Make excellent pets and the cockerels make just as good pets as the hens.



P.O.L female: £25

Male 4 months +: £10

 P.O.L Pair: £35 (one male, one female)


(P.O.L = Point of lay- the average P.O.L age is 4-6 months old- breed dependant).