Bantams are chickens in miniature and are a popular choice with our customers. “Bantam” is a size not a breed so this encompasses a huge range of different breeds, colours and temperaments.
Within the bantam range there are two different classes:
Bantam (miniature) and True bantam.

True bantams have no large fowl version and tend to be some of the smallest birds available, breeds include Seramas, sebrights, pekins, dutch, belgian bantams etc…
Bantam or miniatures have a large fowl counterpart, usually around 4 times the size of the bantam version, breeds include Wyandottes, Sussex, Rhode island red, Leghorn, Welsummer, Silkies, Polands etc…

Egg size is smaller than any large fowl breed, however there is generally a larger yolk:white ratio and the eggs are usually delicious!

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Breeds of bantam we keep and supply at Charlotte’s Poultry are:
Wyandotte bantams
Leghorn bantam
Ancona bantam
Araucana bantam (green/ blue eggs)