Hybrid hens

Hybrid hens are birds bred especially for their egg laying abilities, they are generally bold, friendly hens, which come fully vaccinated,  in a variety of colours (and lay a variety of different coloured eggs), making them ideal for the first time keeper who wants a steady supply of fresh eggs from the garden. Our girls come from professional pullet rearers who produce high quality, healthy ladies. All our birds come with a two week health guarantee (doesn’t include losses from fox etc..).

Carry boxes available for £2.50 to hold up to four hens.
Please visit our online shop to check availability and purchase hens (hens can also be purchased onsite, please call or email to check what’s in stock before visiting).  

Varieties of hybrid we stock are:

Rhode rock
Sussex star
Silver sussex star
White star (white eggs)
Hillcrest blue (90-95% lay green or blue eggs)
Hillcrest ranger (darker brown eggs)
Gold speckledy
Columbian blacktail
Mottled leghorn
Hillcrest lilac