Breeding pair of lavender Chinese geese


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The Chinese goose is easily recognisable with their long, swan like necks. They are well known for being excellent “guard dogs” and if kept from a young age are known for being loyal, they do make a different noise to the other geese so we recommend coming to view before purchase. The chinese goose is well known for being one of the better layers of the species, producing 40-80 white eggs a year. We breed chinese geese in LAVENDER. Geese need access to grass for grazing and a water source to bath and mate in.
Geese usually start laying anytime between end of february and april depending on the weather conditions, goslings and older birds will be available later in the year. Single females or males may be available depending on how many of each we hatch.

Please note- We do not post birds, this is a pre-visit purchase service, birds must be collected within 7 days of purchase. Please contact us before purchasing if you require a poultry courier.

Please note: our chinese geese are still young so picture will be updated as they mature.