Lavender Guinea fowl male


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Guinea fowl are quirky birds, native to Africa, they are pretty good layers of bantam-sized speckled eggs. If purchased at a young age (or confined in a house and run for a while after purchase) they can be persuaded to roost and lay in an enclosed area. If they are not confined then guinea fowl like to roam and will happily roost in trees. We clip our guinea fowls’ wings (a simple process which involves cutting a few flight feathers which is similar to cutting our hair or nails) so they they remain within the safety of our electric fence, they roost in a small aviary at night and also lay in there during the laying season. They are noisy, so it’s worth visiting to see how loud they are first if you have neighbours! However they are also a joy to have around, a relatively new species to us and we are completely hooked.

Please note- We do not post birds, this is a pre-visit purchase service, birds must be collected within 7 days of purchase. Please contact us before purchasing if you require a poultry courier.