P.O.L Hillcrest blue hybrid hen


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The Hillcrest blue is one of our most popular girls, she comes in a variety of colours and has a 90-95% chance of laying blue or green eggs! She is generally bold and friendly and will lay approximately 280-300 eggs in her first year and will be 16-20 weeks old at time of purchase. She should begin laying within 2-4 weeks of taking her home and is fully vaccinated. Egg colour is 90-95% BLUE or GREEN. (The remaining percentage will lay cream). The hillcrest blue comes in a variety of plumage colours, from “legbar” coloured to lemon, blue, black, white etc.. if you have a preference please let us know.

Please note- We do not post hens, this is a pre-visit purchase service, hens must be collected within 7 days of purchase. Please contact us before purchasing if you require a poultry courier.

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