Starting with waterfowl beginners course


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Thinking of keeping ducks or geese but don’t know where to start? Or have you got waterfowl already and want to make sure you’ve got everything covered? Let us help you with our in depth starting with waterfowl course!

On this course we cover:
What sort of ducks/geese will suit you and the space you have/ your reasons for keeping them.
What sort of housing your birds will need.
Picking a suitable spot in the garden for your duck house.
How much space your ducks or geese will require.
Equipment you will need to get started.
How to hold a duck.
How and what to feed your birds.
The best types of bedding.
The basics on how to to spot a healthy duck/goose (and a poorly one!)
How to deal with lice, mites and worming.
Ask as many questions as you like!

Poultry courses also come with a poultry handbook (one book per family), which is bursting with articles, breed information and useful tips and tricks!

*NEW* all attendees also get automatic 1 years free membership to our New Charlotte’s poultry healthy hen club (coming soon!). Club members benefit from poultry help and advice whenever you need it and can also be added to our mailing list for deals and competitions!

There will be plenty of ducks to cuddle and plenty of cake! (let us know if you have a preferred flavour).

Courses make a great gift for all budding poultry keepers!

Our courses start at 1:00pm on the dates available and usually run for around 2-2 1/2 hours.
To book: select a date that suits you and either add to cart or press the paypal button. Bookings canĀ also be made over the phone if needed call: 07585921541.
You’ll be sent an order confirmation via email, we do not post anything to you.

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9th February 2019, 16th March 2019, 13th April 2019